Saint Nicholas Church

Whenever an ancient artifact is unearthed, information emerges about an entire civilization, as was the case with the church of Saint Nicholas. In the area where the cemetery stands today, there are remnants of a Byzantine church dedicated to Saint Nicholas. In 1870, slabs of marble and columns were used to erect the church of Saint George. In 1972 Father Stathis, acting on his own initiative, managed to create a new church in honour of Saint Nicholas. Financial restraints prevented him from finishing the church until 1982 when it was finally completed. Today high up at the end of a rock, it stands embracing and protecting the surrounding sea, seafarers and also, souls of the local inhabitants who have perished from this life and “sleep” in its courtyard.

Saint Nicholas day, December 6th, is designated and celebrated as a local holiday. Following the church service, refreshments are prepared and shared with the faithful and the families of the island.


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