Neo Remezzo

New Remezzo   Mother- daughter team,  Stella and Tassoula, take special care of their customers daily by serving fresh fish, scrumptious Greek cuisine reminiscent of home cooking, handmade crusty savoury pies, garden fresh salads and mouth-watering pasta with seafood (popular specialties are their spaghetti with lobster and shrimp spaghetti in cream sauce.)  The extensive menu includes a wide variety of appetizers and dishes leaving the customer in a dilemma of what to order.  Neo Remezzo is a reputable seafood taverna on the island serving fresh fish brought to your plate from their own fishing nets.  For meat lovers there are also many choices with everything grilled to your taste.  Good food and wine accompanied by Greek music await you on a raised veranda at this tavern which can be found by walking up the hill from the seaport on the left side of the road. 

3 reviews

  1. Τέλεια κουζίνα,πάντα φρέσκα ψάρια απ το καΐκι τους ,ζεστοί και υπέροχοι άνθρωποι !

  2. Το καλύτερο στα Κουφονήσια!

    Το καλύτερο εστιατόριο στα Κουφονήσια!
    Φρέσκα ψάρια φοβεροί μελιτσανοκεφτεδες.
    Και τέλεια λευκή γαριδομακαρονάδα!

  3. Αξίζει!

    Αξίζει κάποιος που επισκέπτεται τα Κουφονήσια να δοκιμάσει τα εκπληκτικά πιάτα που ετοιμάζει η Μαμά Στέλλα με την κόρη της Τασουλα.

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